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Dear friend…

The Pope invited the young people to… make their way to Panama, without fear, without worries, without shame, doing it with courage. The WYD 2019 will not be show or circus in which everything will be forgotten afterwards; it will be something concrete (cf Vigil Domingo de Ramos, 2017)

He goes on and say… Today young people face a multiplicity of options, many if them disguised as vital, from which they must choose those that lead them to Life, because not all the options offered in the world lead to it (id).

For this reason, when a a young person acts against the current and not massively, he is often a victim of pressure from his group that does not accept it because it is positively different. This is why the stage of searching for identity and a place in the world is difficult. John Paul II said about this stage, that… it is a “growth that brings with it the gradual accumulation of all that is true, good and beautiful (JP II).

Catholic.net joins this invitation and offers the necessary material to prepare for this great event, as well as information and references to increase the participation of many young people, either in person in Panama or through our website and Social Networks, in which it Will be able to interact in real time.

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Thank you very much and God bless you.

Pilar Bacha de Camargo
Fundraising Manager