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Dear Friend,

I´m writing to you again in order to thank your preference and interest on Catholic.net; we know you receive our Daily Gospel Meditated and visit our website in a daily basis. Which gives us light to keep working professionally in order to bring the Lord´s Word.

This apostolic work, as pleasing as it may be, it generates some monthly costs that we try to cover in different ways. As the year ends our resources are diminishing in a crucial way. That´s why we are recurring to you, we know that some of you frequently supports us, we are asking for economic support to the rest of you. You can donate only one time or on a monthly basis either way you help us. It´s important that we embrace this issue and work together so we can keep spreading the Lord´s word. Donate Now!

If you find this letters a little annoying we are sorry but we cannot express our economic concerns in another way.

I´ve always believed that God has been there for the needy and the generous; that´s why I’m convinced that if we work God will provide the rest.

If you could not help us in an economic way, we ask you for your prayers for Catholic.net; which we will thank and is a powerful weapon we need right now.

Thanks again; God bless all of you.

Miguel Angel Serrano
Chief Executive