December is finally here and the Church prepares to celebrate the Birth of Our Savior on Christmas day. Besides the religious sense of this feast, it is also a time to gather for families, an opportunity for forgiveness and good will.

Unfortunately, the materialism and consumerism that prevail nowadays in the world distort the true meaning of the feast, turning it into a mere commercial opportunity and depriving families of the graces that Baby Jesus is willing to bring to their lives in the celebration of his birth.

Being aware of this and considering the attacks suffered by the family nowadays, in alliance with Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center and several convents and houses of religious men and women, organized a Novena for the Families including a special intention at Holy Mass on December 24th, to be celebrated in Jerusalem by priests friends of who have united with us in this initiative.

We invite you to send a letter to Baby Jesus in order to address him a petition for the needs of each member of your family. Your petitions will be placed at the feet of Our Savior during the nine days before Christmas and during Holy Mass in the chapel of Notre Dame of Jerusalem on Christmas Day. does not charge for prayers or Masses. Prayers are for free and Masses have been donated by the priests and religious who have joined this initiative. Still, If you want to help for the sustenance of this website, you can acquire a Novena Certificate from the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center as a Christmas gift to your family. The cost of the certificate is $5.00 USD.

If you are a priest or a religious and want to be part of this Novena by helping to organize a novena in your community and/or by celebrating a Mass for this intention,

Dear Baby Jesus:
This Christmas, while we celebrate your nativity in Bethlehem, the


family asks you to grant us these most needed graces:
May our love grow stronger each day
May the peace and the desire to make each other happy fill our hearts
May we be witness of your love with everyone
Write your petition, forgiveness request, and/or a message of praise and thanksgiving to Baby Jesus:
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