A New Year is approaching and as every beginning of year, is the time for each of us to review our own life and to make resolutions to become better persons, better Catholics, parents, spouses, sons, siblings and friends.

Unfortunately, despite all our good will, a couple of weeks after the beginning of the New Year we easily forget our resolutions and end up doing exactly the same things and stuck with the same behaviors we wanted to overcome so much. For this reason, we want to help you in Catholic.net to keep your resolutions with our prayers to Our Heavenly Father, so that he grant you all the graces and strength to accomplish all the changes and improves that you resolved to work on during the year.

Just fill the blank spaces and we will send your prayer petitions to our prayer net, and to all the convents, monasteries and priests that have joined this initiative to support you.

If you want to join us and support others with your prayers, offering your actions or sacrifices, or with the celebration of Masses for this intentions, please

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List of people supporting others with prayers, offering
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