The witness from the Pope touches and encourages us, but mostly it opens us to hope.

Because he is only searching to be loyal to the call of Jesus to row out into the deep the same way He called Peter, his decision expresses his humbleness, realism and his great love for the Church. Ultimately he remains as a witness of faith that embraces the Cross of Christ, offering now for our sake, his service of praying and silent suffering. With this action, he shows us a lesson of humbleness, honesty and freedom that only a man like him can give.

With the firmness of a teacher, Pope Benedict XVI leaves a teaching of broad horizons: the complete confidence in Jesus Christ, clarity in the vision of the traits of our culture, the valuation of the assets of which we are heirs, and the ultimate horizon of our existence in the love of God. He reminded us in his first encyclical, that God is love and he also advised us to believe in charity which generates charity in his last Message for Lent.

Let us join in prayer for him and to ask the Holy Spirit to assist the cardinals in the election of the next representative of Christ on earth on the upcoming Conclave.

Benedict XVI (Biography, Audiences, Encyclicals, Messages, Apostolic Letters, Homilies, Apostolic Exhortations, etc.)

"Dear Brothers and Sisters, after the great Pope John Paul II, the Cardinals have elected me, a simple and humble labourer in the vineyard of the Lord." (First Greeting of His Holiness Benedict XVI. Tuesday, 19 April 2005)

Thanks for all Holy Father!

Join us and send to the Holy Father, your words of gratitude for these eight years of pontificate:

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S.S. Benedict XVI, Pope Emeritus

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